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Team YALLA.FIT Athlete Sponsorship Join our Team!

Team YALLA.FIT Athlete Sponsorship Join our Team! A Team YALLA.FIT Athlete has the willingness and ability to appear at shows and events. An... Read More

Booty Workouts – 7 Amazing Exercises to Build Your Booty

Build your booty with these 7 amazing booty workouts. Follow along with IFBB Pro Amanda Latona, the Booty Queen herself,... Read More

Top 10 Deadlift Variations for Greater Power, Strength and Size

So your goal is to become as strong as humanly possible while building impressive muscular thickness from head to toe?... Read More

10 Must Haves in Your YALLA.FIT Gym Bag

Whether you’re an avid gym junkie or just starting out, going to the gym is not always easy. Your schedules... Read More

Mind over Muscle: How to be mentally tough in the gym

The mind is an interesting thing. Most of us know that if we can control our thoughts, we can also,... Read More

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