How to recover faster after a workout

How to recover faster after a workout

1. Eat something with a bit of protein before your workout

Amino acids are the building blocks of tissue, and we consume protein to give our bodies enough amino acids to rebuild and maintain the muscles we “damage” during workouts. Protein is responsible for those amino acids that help rebuild the muscles we damage while we work out. Having a little protein before working out can trigger our bodies to start repairing and building more muscle during and after hitting the weights. Try eating a protein bar!


2. Drink lots of water

Water helps remove the metabolic waste generated by tough workouts. So simply drinking a glass or a couple of glasses of water after working out, will bring a huge deal of goodness to your body. The recommended amount of water to drink before a workout is 500-600 ml, 2-3 hours before exercising. Drink about 250 ml of water during your warm-up (or 20 to 30 minutes before exercising). Continue drinking 200-300 ml water every 10-20 minutes during exercise, especially in long, endurance workouts, and 200 ml of water within 30 minutes after exercising. Yes, that’s a lot of water, but your body will be grateful for this.


3. Protein and carbs post-workout are your best friends

After your workout, your body will naturally try to rebuild its glycogen stores and repair and regrow those muscle proteins. Eating the right nutrients soon after your exercise can help your body get this done faster. Get a post-workout shake that will give you the protein and carbs you need in order to replenish your muscles. Check out our post-workout shakes!


4. Skip the booze

If you see a night out having drinks with your buddies as the ideal reward for your workout, you need to rethink that. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, anything with 4 percent or more alcohol can increase how much urine you eliminate. In turns, this delays rehydration after exercise. You need to also bare in mind that alcohol interferes with the synthesis of protein. What this means is that the body’s mechanism to repair the muscles will be slowed down and your recovery will suffer.


5. Listening to relaxing music

There’s probably no gym in the world that doesn’t play some music. That’s because music contributes so much to helping people power through their tough workouts. But as researchers discovered, relaxing music and slow-tempo, in general will help reduce your heart rate faster and get your blood lactate down to resting levels faster after you exercise.


6. Get some protein in before bed

Working out basically means tearing muscle tissues that repair themselves afterwards and grow a little stronger. This entire process is happening with the help of protein. A good idea is to have a dinner that’s light in carbs, but rich in protein. This will help your muscles get repaired overnight. Another option is consuming a casein protein shake half an hour before going to bed. This will slowly release protein throughout the night for your muscles to get the proper fuel. Check out some options to get your casein protein!


7. Get more sleep after an intense workout

Scientists and research suggest that sleep deprivation can have a significant negative effect on recovery and performance. Sleep has a direct effect on the brain, the heart, the lungs and also on all the systems in your body – metabolism, immune system and the overall mood. Getting a little extra sleep after an intense workout will be more than well-received by your body and it will get you ready to enter the gym much faster.


8. Eat protein in the morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – your mom was not wrong when saying this. After you put in all that hard work in the gym a day before and you had a good sleep, the following morning your body is ready for some nutrients to get ready for another day. Get a breakfast that is high in protein to fuel your muscles’ rebuilding process. This will also contribute to reducing your cravings later in the day and potential snacking on unhealthy stuff.


9. Replace your anti-inflammatories with CBD oil

The internet has been booming with news on the positive effects of CBD oil. For athletes, one of the greatest benefit is the anti-inflammatory effect. Instead of popping pills, get a good quality CBD oil that will take care of the inflammation. As it turns out, athletes suffering from injuries have great benefits from using CBD. And it goes beyond reduced inflammation, your sleep quality will improve if you take it on a regular basis. Besides, if you’re trying to build muscle, research has shown that high doses of ibuprofen or aspirin may decrease your ability to increase muscle strength.

10. Start using that foam roller

A good deal of the soreness in the body happens when our muscles and the connective tissue that runs throughout the body called fascia, become “knotted.” To help remove those knots (myofascial adhesions) and prevent muscle imbalances from forming, you should use the foam roller. Even if it not the most pleasant thing at the moment, it will bring you a great deal of release.


11. Get a massage

Most competitive athletes have a massage therapist. No wonder they do, as massages reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and improve blood circulation in the body. You don’t have to be a top athlete to enjoy an hour of pampering and muscle release every now and then.


12. Take a cold bath

When it comes to resistance training, studies have shown that immersion in cold water will reduce muscle inflammation. Besides, your immune system will have a bit to benefit from this, so you can always give it a go and see if it’s something that suits you.


13. Take the amount of rest days your body requires

There is a theory that says that you need two days between working out the same muscle groups. But the reality is that there is no universal solution. Your age, fitness level, body weight can have a big say in the amount of time you need to rest. So pay attention to your performance in the gym – if it decreases when you work out the same muscle groups too often, then you need to give yourself a bit more time.

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