Diet Plan To Build A James Bond Body

Diet Plan To Build A James Bond Body

Diet Plan To Build A James Bond Body

Workout Description

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If you are like me you are fairly stoked for the new James Bond movie Skyfall hitting theaters soon. If you need a little change from the superhero/supervillian, Batman and Avenger stuff, then you are ready for an action spy thriller with style, action and the ever so anticipated twisted plot.

Of course this inspired me to think about how a spy like 007 would train and eat when not kicking ass and saving the world and the girl. How would he schedule his time, workouts and meals? What strategy would he put into action to stay in shape (or maybe initially get into that kind of shape in the first place)?

I came up with my own list of requirements needed to accomplish the mission of being a functionally fit, mobile spy with the side effect of looking pretty damn good at the same time.

  1. Very little equipment needed: A double O doesn’t have the time or patience to look for an upscale, fully stocked gym. More importantly, he can’t afford to wait around for popular pieces of equipment when doing circuits or supersets.
  2. Full of variation: Not only will variation keep the body guessing, adapting and changing but it will also allow for easy and practical substitutions when other equipment or areas are not available. This will serve him well when he needs to think quickly on his feet.
  3. Time efficient: The workouts must be relatively short in duration. By keeping his workouts from 45 minutes to an hour long he will ensure he are putting in the correct amount of work and intensity which leads us to our next point.
  4. Intense: Since he is watching the clock intensity will be at an all time high. However, this will only result in more muscle built and more fat lost.
  5. Functional: Functionality is a must for this type of life. Not only will it serve him well on missions but it will also help stay fit and injury-free during everyday activity. As a side benefit, this will also make the training fun and keep motivation levels high.
  6. The diet must be practical: A double O is busy so a diet that requires a ton of preparation and cooking is not in the plans. Meals need to be quickly made and easily accessible.
  7. The diet must be mobile: Meals should be transportable and ready to eat. The last thing he needs is to be caught off guard and having to turn to unhealthy options. If he does find himself trapped, he will know where to go to find the best alternatives.

The James Bond Workouts

Do workouts A, B, C and D once per week (such as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) with Wednesday and weekends off. On off days fell free to partake in other activities outside of the gym.

For HIIT cardio start with a 2-3 minute warm-up then do 30 seconds of high intensity work then 2 minutes of low intensity. Each week increase the high intensity work and decrease the low intensity work by 30 seconds (High/low): 60 sec/90 sec, 90 sec/60 sec, and 120/30.

Perform this workout for 4 to 6 weeks before taking a short break or switching programs.

There is no rest between supersets. Rest 1-2 minutes after all supersets are completed and before moving on to the next superset group.

Workouts A and B are designed with the minimal equipment available mindset. A double O travels quite extensively so he may not have access to a well-fitted gym or any gym at all! The following upper/lower body split will build total body power and strength with the addition of only some light dumbbells or strength bands and a pull-up bar – both very mobile while on a mission. Don’t hesitate to mix up the order either – thinking on your feet is a necessity in this game.

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