Rise and Shine, It’s Breakfast Time!

Rise and Shine, It’s Breakfast Time!

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Simply put, it is absolutely essential to begin each day with a well-balanced breakfast that provides an adequate supply of both micro and macronutrients, so that you are set up to perform your best all day long. Your brain and central nervous system run on glucose, which is the fuel each of us require to think, talk, walk, exercise and carry on one’s daily life activities. After a good night’s sleep your glucose levels are at their lowest point, and need to be refilled shortly after arising. Failing to do so will force your body to tap into its own fat, amino acid and glycogen stores, which is an unhealthy and inefficient way to begin each day.

Some people mistakenly believe that skipping breakfast is an effective strategy for weight/fat loss, when in fact the complete opposite is true! Going all morning without food means that by the time lunch comes around, you feel starved and are more likely to engage in a frenzy of overeating and poor food choices in order to satisfy your massive hunger. In this scenario one usually ends up consuming an overabundance of calories for the remainder of the day, bringing about an increase in body fat and larger numbers on the bathroom scale.

Additionally, being over-hungry distorts the satiety signals produced by your body. These satiety signals regulate hunger, making it easier for you practice a balanced diet, which helps to prevent many serious diseases, illnesses and conditions.

Skipping breakfast on a regular basis can affect your cell’s sensitivity to insulin, which is the body’s most important blood sugar regulating hormone. Decreased insulin sensitivity means putting yourself at a far greater risk for Type 2 diabetes. As a health-care practitioner myself, I can tell you that this is a nasty condition to be afflicted with, especially in light of the fact that it is a highly preventable disease. Sadly, I have been observing a trend of late where more and more younger individuals are falling victim to diabetes.

By following a healthy lifestyle, which means starting your day off right with a balanced, high-protein breakfast, eating smaller, more frequent meals (every 2 -3 hours), and exercising regularly, one can often avoid this condition (as well as others).

Research shows, if you regularly skip breakfast, your risk of “Insulin Resistance Syndrome,” a pre-diabetic disorder, will increase by up to 50%.

I suggest adding a high quality protein shake, such as ALLWHEY or QUICKMASS to your breakfast, perhaps even pouring it over a healthy carbohydrate like oatmeal. This is a quick, easy, effective and delicious way to begin your day!

Eating a healthy, high-protein breakfast each morning will energize your body and feed your mind for a more productive day. Those who eat breakfast tend to have heightened mental concentration and a more positive outlook on life. And everybody loves to be around a people like that.

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