Booty Workouts – 7 Amazing Exercises to Build Your Booty

Booty Workouts – 7 Amazing Exercises to Build Your Booty

Build your booty with these 7 amazing booty workouts. Follow along with IFBB Pro Amanda Latona, the Booty Queen herself, as she shows you all of the tricks of the trade.

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Booty Workouts – 7 Amazing Exercises to Build Your Booty

1. Machine Squat – Sets 3-4, Reps 10-12

Amanda takes every opportunity to both intensify and maximize the effectiveness of each of her training movements, past-parallel squatting is essential when fully-fleshing the glutes, and the Pendulum squat allows her to do this in the safest and most effective manner possible.

For machine squats an ultra-strong band ensures perfect form and increases tension on the quads at all ranges of this movement. Amanda accentuates time under tension (TUT) by taking a two second pause at the bottom of the movement, she isometrically contracts the quads, hams and glutes before powering the weight upward and squeezing hard at the top.

2. Weighted Jump Squat – Sets 3-4, Reps 10-15

Amanda trains dynamically via the jump squat. This movement taxes multiple muscles along with the cardiovascular system to enhance not only the building but also the shredding process.

Amanda’s level of development and experience allows her to jump as high as possible and land into a full squat, all with added resistance. Upon contacting the ground she allows her arms to extend below her knees, thus exaggerating hip extension and, once again, achieving a full range of motion. Beginner should start with small weightless jumps and gradually work up to a full jump with resistance. For the advanced athlete/trainee the jump squat can be supersetted with the machine squat.

3. Barbell Hip Thrust – Sets 3, Reps 10-12

Among Amanda’s favorite glute builders, the barbell hip thrust is a power move that allows the use of heavy weights combined with extreme isolation for full glute activation and development. Though many consider the squat a superior heavy-duty glute builder, Amanda urges devoted butt builders to “think outside the squat” for a great set of glutes.

4. Banded Barbell Hip Thrust – Sets 3, Reps 10-12

To ensure maximum muscle fiber recruitment, Amanda varies her training weights on this movement – for three sets she goes heavy and powers the weight up (in a controlled manner) before adding a band, lightening the load for a final three sets and holding each positive contraction for a two-count. No jerky or rapid movements. Complete focus is needed to keep the tension where it counts: fully concentrated on the butt.

5. Butt Blaster – Sets 3-4, Reps 10-12, last set drop set

Often perceived as a light ‘finisher’ to be done at the end of an exhaustive workout, the Butt Blaster, when properly executed, is anything but. In fact, Amanda will often begin her workout with this movement, opting to treat it as a full-fledged builder rather than a lightweight ‘shaper’.

To achieve a good glute squeeze, Amanda recommends finding a suitable foot placement (which will vary from person to person) and, with feet flat, pushing more with the heel. Only then will full glute development occur. A fully-braced upper body will also ensure “full glute activation” says the long-time pro contender. For the final set of four, Amanda completes a double drop set to fully exhaust any remaining muscle fibers.

6. Kneeling Cable Kickback – Sets 3, Reps 10-15

Amanda does not believe in simply going through the motions; rather, she adds as much weight as she can handle to ensure perfect glute roundness and the all-important booty-lift. Kneeling on a flat bench, with ankle attachment securely in place, Amanda, with working leg perfectly straight, raises this leg straight out and away from the machine, squeezing her glute hard upon positive contraction. The key to getting a full range of motion and full glute activation on this movement is to position the bench far enough away from the machine so as to allow a full negative contraction while exaggerating the descent.

Rather than wasting energy switching the bench back and forwards (as when training one leg at a time), Amanda conserves hers for when she needs it most: for the actual movement. As such, she completes three sets on one leg before switching to the opposite side and nailing its partner.

7. Reverse Hypers on a Stability Ball – Sets 3-4, Reps 15-20 (with 2 second holds)

Amanda positions her hips over the front of a reverse hyper machine that is high enough to provide a full range of motion (without feet touching the ground). To ensure full glute involvement, she places a full-sized stability ball between her feet and, using adductor strength, squeezes hard at all points within the range. A high bench allows Amanda to keep her legs straight, thus ensuring more tension is placed on the glutes (a flat bench would necessitate bending the knees).

More than simply an exercise to be tacked on at the end of a set, the reverse hyper, especially when performed the way Amanda does it, is a highly complex movement that hits all of the glute muscles (not just the larger gluteus maximus). Time under tension, a fully controlled negative (and subsequent stretch) and a massive pump courtesy of a two second hold at the top of this movement all add up to a firm and formidable booty.

The Booty Builder Workout is the perfect combination of booty building exercises that you can work into your training easily. Try this workout today, you will not be sorry!

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