AMINO 3000 (100TAB)

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Amino Acid 3000 from the Belgian company QNT What do you think about the other products on the market? Amino acids make the process of building muscle faster. They contain acids in their free state and are not linked to each other by chains. The stomach does not need to break down and digest these acids. They move directly and are absorbed as soon as they enter the stomach, then into the blood and into the cells, making the process of building muscle faster. Some also suffer from a lack of pancreatic secretion of enzymes that break down the protein to amino acids. Some elderly people also suffer from a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach necessary to digest protein, and therefore need free acids to prevent muscle loss associated with aging. Amino acids that contain natural sources of BCAA and L-arginine It helps to maintain and develop muscles and is ideal for feeding the body after training There are two types of amino acids: These are acids that can not be produced by the body, therefore, humans should take them from their animal sources. Essential: These acids can be produced by the body in the required quantities, and therefore no need to eat from food and our product 3000 amino acids from QNT Belgian company contains contains all non-essential acids: L-arginine, tyrosine, glutamine, Taurine, Proline, Cysteine, Glycine, Serine, Esperatic Acid, Esparagi , Whine, glutamic acid


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