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L-Glutamine is a non-essential aminoacid. It’s very abundant (it accounts for almost 2/3 of the aminoacids that make the muscle protein) and it’s largely used by muscles, but is produced in a limited quantity by the human body. It is therefore important to guarantee an adequate supply of it with the diet and, if necessary, with dietary supplements. Athletes who train particularly hard should consider supplementing their diet with L-Glutamine 6000 for the best results.


What is L-glutamine?

L-glutamine is one of the 20 natural occurring amino acids (the so-called building blocks of proteins) and it’s the most abundant in the human body. It is extremely important for the good functionality of the body as it plays a major role in a number of different metabolic reactions. Muscles that have undergone very intense or long efforts, such as heavy weight training or prolonged endurance sports, and have entered the so called catabolic phase (the period in which muscles deteriorate), need to rebuild the damaged fibers. During this recovery phase, it is extremely important to make sure that an adequate supply of glutamine is available, to guarantee optimal results.


For all types of sports

L-GLUTAMINE 6000 is recommended for all types of sports, especially if you push yourself to the limit. It is a very valuable supplement for either endurance and strength sports, when muscles need a good recovery phase. A significant supply of L-glutamine (one dose of L-GLUTAMINE 6000 provides 6000 mg) therefore allows your body to be largely supported in the process of muscle reconstruction and recovery. Athletes who are serious about their training and want to progress without setbacks should include L-GLUTAMINE 6000 into their daily diet!


Ideal use

To optimize the effects of L-GLUTAMINE 6000, we recommend mixing a dose (6 g) in water or your favourite fruit juice and take it once daily, preferably after training.


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