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Give a new flavour to your breakfast, jump-start your day with a delicious pancake that will give you all the energy you need and some protein to feed your muscles!

PROTEIN PANCAKE is an instant mix designed to prepare delicious, protein rich pancakes that are perfect for athletes and regular people who live a healthy and active life. They are rich of high quality protein (a combination of whey protein isolate, egg albumin and whey protein concentrate) and are designed to provide energy and protein right when you need it most. With their balanced blend of protein and complex carbohydrates, as well as a high fibre fat content, QNT pancakes are a real treat, not only for breakfast.

Powerful protein and carbohydrate mix

Each pancake contains oat flour, which is a good slow release energy source and 11 g of protein, very important to maintain or develop your muscle mass. It is therefore a very valuable support for athletes and active people who need a significant daily supply of protein to nourish their muscles, but at the same time wish to enjoy a delicious snack!

The formula combines three different protein sources in order to have a great aminoacid profile, perfect to feed your nutrient hungry muscles. Whey protein concentrate and isolate are different in the protein percentage and in the fat and carbohydrate content, while egg albumin is one of the most bio-available protein sources.

Proteins are essential for the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. They are involved in the process of repairing the muscle fibres that have been damaged during an intense physical effort. It is therefore essential for every athlete to ensure an adequate supply of protein if he wishes to develop his muscles under the best conditions.


Easy to prepare, delicious to enjoy!

It’s easy to prepare a QNT pancake! Simply mix a 30 g scoop with 60 ml of skimmed milk or water until you get a classic pancake batter. Then bake the dough normally and enjoy a delicious protein pancake!

Feel free to use your imagination to decorate your pancakes with the best toppings, such as fruit or our delicious Choco Nuts hazelnut spread, an absolutely delicious combination!


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