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Reaching your daily protein level has never been easier or more enjoyable than with DELICIOUS WHEY SHAKE. With its very easy to carry tetrapack format, it will allow you to feed your muscles and make them recover very quickly after a workout. Available in 3 flavours, it will become the preferred training partner for athletes looking to combine efficiency and practicality!

Delicious Whey Shake is a protein-rich drink

DELICIOUS WHEY SHAKE is a ready to drink protein smoothie that contains 30 g of concentrated whey protein with high biological value. This protein contributes to the maintenance and development of muscle mass. Indeed, protein is a crucial element in muscle building. DELICIOUS WHEY SHAKE provides an ideal protein supply to all athletes who want to optimize their training results, accelerate their recovery and gain muscle volume.


Delicious Whey Shake it’s a no added sugar product

DELICIOUS WHEY SHAKE contains no added sugar and contains less than 1 g of fat and 173 calories per 330 ml, making it compatible with a low-fat diet for weight loss as well as a supplement to an exercise program for muscle development and maintenance. Whether you are a hardcore athlete looking to optimize performance or a casual athlete who wants a nice and practical drink after a workout, DELICIOUS WHEY SHAKE will fit all lifestyles!


Convenient to take away and delicious

Available in 3 delicious flavours (Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate), DELICIOUS WHEY SHAKE is convenient to take with you anywhere. Just put it in your sports bag and your protein snack will always be ready to drink. If you don’t have time to prepare protein shakes by yourself, if mixing powders all the time seems tedious and you prefer something ready to use, DELICIOUS WHEY SHAKE is perfect for your lifestyle! The cap allows you to close your bottle and consume it at your convenience! Test it now and you’ll be sure to make it your new training partner!


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