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By looking for strength and muscle mass in your workouts, carbohydrates are the first thing to focus on alongside protein. VITARGO invented the first product in the world which is characterized by the large size of the element of carbohydrates in it from all products of the local market. Who use maltodextrin, dextrose or glucose. It is 2.3 times faster than normal carbohydrates to give you energy as fast as possible.

The carbohydrates in vitargo are extracted from corn and because it is light on the stomach and the fastest absorption among all other types of carbohydrates up to glucose this cell is the first product used among professional athletes for processing in their championships and university studies and international institutes worldwide. Studies on professional athletes before and after their tournaments have shown that Vitargo has returned glycogen stores 77% faster and increased their athletic performance by 23% more than other carbohydrate products on the market. Since the Vitargo is packaged in several countries in different cans, Protein provides you with the original packaging from the parent company in Swede


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